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Serajul Alam Khan – popularly known as ‘DADA’ to thousands of political activists in the Bangla speaking world.

To me, he is a self-less and kind hearted here who gambled to make king(s) behind the scene but always remained silent for himself. Regretfully, Bangladesh, has failed to embrace him with love and honour for his unique contribution in nation making.

It is true that he likes only to be listened to when he talks, but does not lie to people like other Bangla-speaking politicians or engage into political fizgig.

During the span of my life, I have met many, but he is special to me. He, not only helped enriching me with a gift called-Bangladesh, but also bestowed with inspiration to be a Bengalee in the West. He is always a man with smile, warmth, fellow felling, support and blessings for me and my family. May Allah bless him.

Rahman Jilani
Deputy Warden & Director, Asian Studies Department
28 Commercial Street London E1 6LS
United Kingdom